About Us

My name is Tracy and I am an Atlanta native.

As a college student, I went to New York to study. After graduation, I worked in a travel company specializing in travel packages for families, especially those with young kids. We brought them to a lot of beautiful destinations inside and outside of the United States.

Then I realized that Atlanta is not actually considered as one of the best places to go for families. As an Atlanta native, I know that I enjoyed my beautiful city, especially with its various offerings for kids, providing loads of fun.

So in 2012, I went back to Atlanta and started my own travel company. I made sure that I put together packages that are geared not just for business travelers but also for families with very small kids. I wanted them to enjoy Atlanta and have as much fun as I had when I was small, with my siblings and cousins.

Fortunately, everything paid off. This is because Atlanta is now slowly being recognized as a family destination. On a given day, I now get a lot of inquiries about Atlanta and asked about great destinations for children and adults.

And the city of Atlanta never fails to deliver. Now we have various entertainment areas for the whole family. This include entertainment centers, parks, nature, attractions and so much more.

I hope that when you do decide to visit my city, you will enjoy its many perks. Remember also that Atlanta is full of beautiful and warm-hearted people who will never fail to provide you with help if you need it. If you require directions or need help finding a place, just ask a native on the street. Trust me that I say that Atlantans are known for their great Southern hospitality.