Planning a trip for the whole family can be quite a challenge especially if you have kids in tow. You always have to consider if the places you are going to visit are kid friendly. Of course, you also have to take into account if that place would appeal to the adults and older kids so that everyone can surely have a great time. So, you do your research by visiting various websites and travel blogs, looking at the reviews and recommendations for the places you want to go to. And before anything else, better consult your Phoenix accident lawyer to know what you have to do in case an accident or injury happens along the way. You have to weigh all these considerations for you to plan your family’s summer vacation and make the necessary preparations and reservations ahead of time.

Good thing, Atlanta With Kid has already done the work for you. This site recommends places around Atlanta that you can go to especially when you have little kids with you. It also helps a lot that Atlanta is one of the most kid-friendly cities in the United States. So, Atlanta is always a good idea for a family vacation.

One of the most recommended tourist attraction in Atlanta is the Georgia Aquarium. The various marine species displayed in gigantic aquariums which are designed to imitate their natural habitats are always a family favorite, not just among the kids but for adults alike. Come and be amazed at these majestic creatures that you do not get to see anywhere else. Learn about the proper care and conservation of marine life. You can also grab the opportunity to have a personal encounter with the dolphins, penguins, and sea otters while being assisted by Georgia Aquarium’s accommodating staff. You can also swim and dive to see manta rays and whale sharks. It makes for an amazing experience for every member of the family. There is more than enough going on inside this establishment to keep everyone entertained all day long.

If you have a kid like mine who is so obsessed with the TV series, “The Walking Dead”, then you have come to the right place. There are different tours that can take you to the set and filming sites of the series. Everyone will enjoy seeing Rick’s and Morgan’s houses and relieving each season of the series. You will also get to see the Hospital, the Center for Disease Control, and the Terminus. The trip will not be complete without buying awesome souvenirs at the Woodbury Shoppe. This Walking Dead zombie tour is a fun and unique experience for the whole family. The tour guide is someone from the show so you also get inside information about what happens behind the scenes during the filming of the show.

The good news is that there are a whole lot more places to visit in Atlanta whether you are interested in nature, history, or culture. So, what are you waiting for? Book that family vacation now.

Atlanta is one of America’s most kid-friendly cities

Atlanta is one of America’s most kid-friendly cities. If you want to go travelling with your children, I would definitely recommend going to the beautiful city of Atlanta. This is because this city is teeming with history, culture, art, music, amusement areas and even scientific landmarks. At the same time, the city is also full of green parks with a vista of lakes and mountains.

So what are you waiting for? Head out of your beautiful home with its custom garage door in Scottsdale and visit Atlanta.

So what does this beautiful city have to offer? Here’s a list:

  1. History

If you want to educate your kids about American history, then Atlanta is a great place to start. The city features the Atlanta History Center. This place showcases a museum which is known to have the biggest collection of civil war memorabilia. It also houses the Centennial Olympic Games Exhibit as it was hosted by the city of Atlanta. The Center also owns historical homes.

Of course if you want to go back to ancient Spain, Atlanta has a Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament which is actually a theater that features not just wonderful entertainment but also food for the whole family. The food dates back to 11th century Spain so it’s definitely a good experience.

  1. Science

If your kids are avid science enthusiasts, then the best place to go would be the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. It has exhibits of pre-historic fossils, dinosaurs, planets, rocks and minerals and more. Your kids will definitely enjoy a jaunt in this amazing museum. In fact, I am sure that you will also enjoy it too, as I did.

  1. Nature

If you are after natural wonders and would like to teach your kids about it, then head on to the Stone Mountain Park. This mountain is a wonder to geologists who love studying this rock formation. The important thing to note is that this mountain is actually quite easy to ascent. If you and your kids are after adventure, you can choose to hike. Otherwise, you may decide to take a cable car to go to the top or even take a train ride. It’s your choice really.

Another great destination in Atlanta are the zoos. The Atlanta Zoo features several lovable and furry pandas that the kids will love. You can also visit their Australian outback with its collection of animals. There are also monkeys, orangutans and gorillas that your children can view inside the zoo.

Alternatively, you can head over to the world’s largest aquarium that can be found in Atlanta with its collection of whales and sharks. Definitely a must visit!

There is definitely a lot to enjoy in this wonderful city. As such, always make sure that in planning trips for the family, especially if you have young kids, consider going to Atlanta. We guarantee you rollicking good fun in this beautiful city. So what are you waiting for? Head off to Atlanta now and enjoy a good time.

Top Places to Bring Your Kids in Atlanta

When you go on vacation with your kids, you plan it to be as stress-free as possible. Atlanta with a Kid can help you do that by providing you with a list of kid-friendly attractions in Atlanta that will ensure that you and your family will have a great time.

Check out the list below for the best places to go:

  1. World of Coca-Cola

They say that a visit to the southern city of Atlanta will never be complete without a visit to the World of Coca-Cola. Here you and your kids can look through Coca-Cola memorabilia all through the years. See the bottling plant and watch the 4D show to enjoy the story of Coca-Cola.

  1. Visit the various attractions of Atlanta. You can choose among the following:
  • The Georgia Aquarium which is considered to be the largest aquarium in the world and has a collection of the biggest sharks and whales.
  • The Centennial Park with its Olympic Ring and beautiful fountains
  • The Center for Puppetry Arts with the largest collection of puppets that can be found in the entire United States
  • The Michael C. Carlos Museum which houses beautiful ancient art
  1. Y’allywood

Now you don’t have to go to Hollywood to take a closer look at the world of movies. Here in Atlanta, you can find Y’allywood where you can take movie or TV series tours. Your kids will surely enjoy a visit to the shooting locations of The Hunger Games or The Walking Dead and more.

  1. Festivals

Atlanta is the home of festivals. The city hosts various festivals throughout the year. This includes the Dogwood Festival, Greek Festibal, Yellow Daisy Festival and more. You can simply join any of the festivals and soak up Southern culture.